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Here are some photos of our wedding celebrations last year. We are immensely grateful to our dearest friends and family for making it such an incredibly inspired party! Intensely happy memories!

For more photos and the story of our big day, you may visit The Wedding Scoop for their feature.

Bossa Negra, where I perform Brazilian music in Mandarin. It is a real treat, performing with some of the most amazing Brazilian musicians! Bossa Negra, with Sergio our Music Director, Jacqeline Gawler (fellow lyricist and vocalist), and our producer-manager Howard Lee. Kathryn Wong and I have worked together on several fundraising projects, most memorable of which are the In Her Shoes series. She is a very understated singer-songwriter, a great alternative voice. In Her Shoes with Kathryn Wong, 2012 Peace Kopitiam Jazz Band, features beautiful and daring rearrangements of mandarin and hokkien oldies by Eugene Ang. Naughty Naughty

Some of the projects bands I’ve had the immense pleasure of being a part of. These don’t even include the one-off collaborations! 

Posters/ Publicity material for some of the theatrical work I’ve done over the years

with the people who form the bedrock of what i do. i am nothing on stage without good musicians. these here are among the very best. greg lyons (sax), brandon wong (bass), floods (drums), mei sheum

more shots by tan ngiap heng, circa 2008 

"seeing is believing" is one of the greatest fallacies of our time. in an age where we are accosted by images at every turn, nearly everything we lay our eyes on has been edited, enhanced and engineered to sell. 

i welcome you to enjoy these photos, but don’t believe everything you see, or think you see here either! these photos, like all else in the media only present some facets of who i am and what i do. 

starting, with some photos taken by dear friend ngiap heng, for my debut EP “Lullaby Nomad” in 2008

Pink & Mint Apartment | WYNK →

We’ve moved into our flat for nearly half a year. Now that we’ve really settled into the space, I’d like to share with you some glimpses into our beautiful home, all the more special as it was designed by one of my dearest friends. Sometimes we still find it remarkable that this is *our* home!


Promotional Video for the 3rd run of “If There’re Seasons…”

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"Two Sleepy People"

Performed at “Serenade to Sweden” concert, Live at The Sultan Jazz Club on 22 Mar 2013

另一首歌另一个伤心故事 - my favourite song from the second run of 天冷就回来. this song was the only new addition to the second run, in the new scene before my character Rose boards the plane towards fulfilling her dreams at the cost of her integrity.